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We specialize in:
Identity Management
Access Controls
Video Surveillance
Parking Controls
Time & Attendance
Alarm Monitoring
Voice Logging

“There is absolutely NO reason to start another company and be like all the others. You MUST bring something unique and very different to the marketplace to make a difference!”   Sir Richard Branson

Übertas is a company with a unique, new way of doing business. We are all about Partnerships. Partnerships with employees and Partnerships with customers!

We don’t have “Customers” in the normal sense of the word. Neither do we have “Employees”, as such. We have “Partners”. We invite you to learn about what we offer and become one of our business partners!  As our partner, you will have the inside track on industry information, capability and cost-plus pricing. You will have access to our products, our network of vendors and contractors. Your costs will be lower because you are now a partner in our business!

Our company was started out of sheer frustration with the status quo! We determined that the marketplace could be completely shaken up by making everything we’ve learned the basis for creating a unique business model.  “Bring our customers into the family and make them part of our team!  Make everybody who works here one of the owners of the business!”  In doing this, Übertas offers you the unique opportunity to deliver products and services more quickly, more efficiently and at a cost at near-wholesale levels.

Our business model provides more thorough and efficient service. We produce a measurably higher-level of “systems uptime”. This translates into better control, less liability exposure and a lower cost of ownership!